“Kovalska”. The first thing that comes to mind is the industrial giant. Concrete from Kowalska is on almost every construction site in the capital, because they understand that quality will not fail.

Although 2020 was a difficult year for everyone, it accelerated the transformation of this company. And now Kovalska is primarily perceived associatively as a powerful developer, which this year has loudly launched new promising residential real estate projects and new generation offices.
And the company occupies a leading position in the implementation of BIM-technologies. At the First International BIM Forum, Kovalska shared cases and her own experience on how to quickly reach a high level of BIM maturity and implement BIM / VDC at all stages of the project life. Serhiy Pylypenko, General Director, told and demonstrated with examples. He noted that BIM, when implemented comprehensively, saves 20% of time and 10% of budget savings.
Kovalska’s IT development ecosystem supports synchronization of 4D and 5D models. This is a clear planning and control of construction work on the site, while analyzing project budgets.

The output is to reduce the risk of construction delays due to constant synchronization of the schedule and model, minimization of budget deviations due to constant monitoring and regular reporting.
Kovalska continues to develop in the direction of VIM. The plans include detailing projects, improving the efficiency of facility management throughout the life cycle and deepening the integration of multidisciplinary models, updating the workflows of the operational team.