On May 27, 2021, the 1st INTERNATIONAL BIM-FORUM “NOTHING WILL STOP THE IDEA, THE TIME OF WHICH HAS COME” will take place. It will be the first international platform to invent models of mutually beneficial cooperation between the state, communities, businesses and vendors on the way to digitalization of construction industry management. Today, the introduction of BIM technologies in Ukraine is one of the ways to significantly increase the manufacturability of the industry and bring our country to a high level of development. The purpose of the Forum is to demonstrate best practices of initiating and managing construction projects in all areas of development (infrastructure projects) objects, etc.).

The special emphasis of the event is the transformation of the state’s function as a customer of large-scale construction. Accordingly, it is a reassessment of project development criteria, taking into account their life cycles. Selection of contractors based on their ability to perform work professionally and in a timely manner. Quality control, with clear implementation of technological and industrial processes. As well as the administration of warranty obligations, taking into account the essential criteria for further operation. This can be achieved through a key reform – Construction Information Modeling.

The main topic of the Forum is the synergy of all participants in the creation and operation of real estate. Only joint and coordinated cooperation will give impetus to Ukraine’s economic development. We are moving in the right direction for growth and mutual benefit at the international level.

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13: 00-13: 30 Registration and free communication.

Coffee break

13: 30-15: 55

Session 1. BIM-development of Ukraine: partnership of business, state and international partners to achieve sustainable development. Moderator: Vitaliy GRUSEVYCH, Chairman of the Board of The WALL-UKRAINE

13: 30-13: 55

Global tasks of the parliament: overcoming corruption, economic growth, introduction of innovations, favorable investment climate, efficient construction industry.
Olena SHULYAK, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on the Organization of State Power, Local Self-Government, Regional Development and Urban Planning

13: 55-14: 20

Transition to digital technologies in order to preserve and grow the professional potential of Ukraine in the framework of the State Strategy for Regional Development of Ukraine until 2027.
Mykhailo FEDOROV, Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

14: 20-14: 45

Strategy and main measures for the introduction of information modeling technology in the construction industry of Ukraine.
Oleksiy CHERNYSHOV, Minister of Development of Communities and Territories of Ukraine

14: 45-15: 10

VIM technologies are armed with increasing the efficiency of infrastructure project management.
Dmytro ZHYVYTSKY, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine

15: 10-15: 25

China. Development of Industry 4.0 by means of BIM technologies.
Zhang Ming, founder of The WALL-China

15: 25-15: 40

BIM strategy in Europe and the world.
Jakob PRZHIBILO, BIM committee expert at BuildingSMART.

15: 40-15: 55

Experience of BIM Consulting in Germany.
Michael PLAT, architect, head of BIM-PLAT, Germany

15: 55-17: 10

Session 2. Global trends in BIM development through the eyes of vendors. Moderator: Oleksandr KANIVETS, Member of the Management Board of The WALL-UKRAINE, owner and president of ASKansulting

15: 55-16: 10

From the greenest buildings and the smartest factories to majestic stories.
Knives ATALLAH, Director of Industrial Solutions, Autodesk

16: 10-16: 25

Solutions for infrastructure improvement.
Ian MISKIMMIN, Bentley Systems Industrial Digital Advisor

16: 25-16: 40

Complete freedom for your creativity.
The speaker is being clarified, Graphisoft

16: 40-16: 55

Plan, build and manage stability.
Vladimir SHKATOV, representative of Nemetschek

16: 55-17: 10

Can another approach stand in the way of the best?
Tatiana GADZEVICH, representative of Tekla

17: 10-17: 25

Implementation of modern concepts of computer-aided design and BIM technology.
Maria BARABASH, representative of LiraLand Group

17: 25-18: 25

Session 3. BIM-Ukraine from today to tomorrow. We have something to be proud of. Moderator: Gennady MOLODETSKY, Member of the Board of The WALL-UKRAINE

17: 25-17: 40

Is it difficult to be a BIM leader in commercial real estate development?
Vitaliy MELNYK, Vice President of UDP, Head of Innovation Parks

17: 40-17: 55

BIM technology in the arms of an industrial giant.
Serhiy PYLYPENKO, General Director of PBG Kovalska

17: 55-18: 10

From fighting a unicorn to effective teamwork.
Dmytro VASYLIEV, co-founder and chief architect of Archimatika

18: 10-18: 25

We save time and money. Modern design solutions in BIM models.
Robert DUNAYEVSKY, Business Development Director, Professor Katzenbach’s Engineering Bureau and Partners – Ukraine

18: 25-18: 40

General design in BIM. Ukraine can.
Oleksiy AGAFONOV, Chief Architect of UVT Group, Ukraine

18: 40-20: 00

Session 4. The driving force of BIM implementation. Moderator: Vitaliy MELNYK, Member of the Board of The WALL-UKRAINE. UDP Vice President, Head of Innovation Parks

18: 40-18: 55

Prospects for financing large-scale construction projects in Ukraine.
Olena DMITRIEVA, First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of GLOBUS Bank.

18: 55-19: 20

From budget rationing to objective budgeting.
Yulia DVORAKOVSKA, co-founder of SVM-FORUM
Natalia ARNAUTA, co-founder of Antenor Groupe

19: 20-19: 35

Source of BIM-data of the actual cost of building materials. RATE.UA.
Mykhailo PIDVYSOTSKY, owner of the development company CONCEPT GROUP

19: 35-19: 50

The WALL-UKRAINE plans for the development of BIM technologies in the corporate sector of Ukraine.
Oleksandr KANIVETS, leader of the BIM-leaders group The WALL-UKRAINE

19: 50-20: 00

Summing up the forum.
Vitaliy GRUSEVYCH, Chairman of the Board of The WALL-UKRAINE

20: 00-21: 00

Netwoking, buffet and casual communication

The event will take place on May 27, at UNIT.City, at the address: Kyiv, st. Dorogozhytska, 3.
Start at 13:00. Contacts: +38 (067) 920 82 82; the.wall.ukraine@gmail.com (Julia)