This spring, companies often hunted for a design engineer, construction project manager, architect-designer. The most popular was an estimate engineer. Such a specialist was sought even by members of the board of The Wall. By the way, you can still send your resumes to Concept Group (Concept Group) and PBF GROUP (PBF GROUP).

Ukrainian developers have also started inviting budget specialists to their team. Although this “fresh” profession for the domestic market is less common on job search sites, there is already a global trend in Ukraine.

In the world of budgeting is considered a significant necessity. After all, he is a budget analyst who helps the top manager, the manager to plan their finances, analyze funding proposals, find alternative solutions or new ways to increase efficiency and increase profits. He also works closely with project managers in developing the budget of organizations, reviewing proposals, checking their accuracy, completeness and relevance. To stay within budget, budget analysts monitor costs and determine if changes are needed for certain programs or if they are performing well. Budget recommendations help to identify the needs of the company and manage it by making informed decisions.

From the point of view of the construction project, the main tasks of the budgetary are formation of the budget from model to completion of construction, planning and the account of incomes and expenses, formation and check of the reporting, the analysis, forecasting of indicators, preparation of schedules of financing.